Family car trip? No problem!

Who said that having kids means no vacation? It is absolutely real to go for a trip with your family and have a great time together. Of course, children can cause a lot of stress, but their restlessness, curiosity and happiness will fill your vacation with wonderful emotions and make your journey unforgettable. If you are packing into a car family trip, you need to know a few useful tips to avoid possible troubles. Here they are.

First of all, family travelling requires a proper car. It should have enough passenger and cargo volume and be safe. Choose a compact crossover SUV like Nissan Rogue or even an 8-seat vehicle. Your car should show good performance and include all the required by safety regulations tools. Such options as side-curtain airbags and blind-spot control are often demanded for family cars.

Always plan your journey beforehand but be ready to unexpected changes. Try to book all the hotels or parking places you will need.  To make your children busy, suggest them drawing a map of your trip or do it together. You can give them a real paper map with a route-line, so that they are occupied along the way.

While packing your things, leave the most essential ones in easy access, in order not to rummage in all the bags searching for a toothbrush. Don’t forget to take a change of clothes depending on the climate of the area you are heading to. Buy a cooling box for food, if you haven’t got one, to keep the products fresh. You don’t need any sickness. By the way, some children suffer from motion sickness. Even if you haven’t noticed such symptoms from your kids, take special medicine and resealable plastic containers just in case.

If your little ones have a habit of unbuckling their seat belts, you won’t solve it with your scolding. Prevent them from doing so by turning the buckles around. This simple measure will save your nerves and keep your children safely belted. Still, if you are travelling in a Toyota RAV4, there will be no problems.

Provide your children with constant activities. Usually, they can find what to do themselves, but as soon as they begin getting bored, you will have no rest. In this case, let your kids take a reasonable amount of toys and keep them within reach. A magnetic whiteboard can be a nice way to keep your kids busy during the drive. You can also have a trick up your sleeve in the form of some special toy that your child forgot to take or a new present, which is given in case when all the previous measures failed.


Anyway, your family journey should be a pleasure, so don’t forget to have fun. Loud music, open windows and singing together are what we love car trips for. We hope that our tips will help you to spend a great vacation with your family and enjoy every moment of it.

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